Alliance Dish & Chemical provides the highest quality kitchen and laundry cleaning chemicals in the Wisconsin market.  We are proud to use many of the Solvit brand products which are manufactured right here in Wisconsin.  These products have been engineered over many years to work effectively in the tough Wisconsin water conditions.  You can trust the Solvit brand products to clean and sanitize because the great people at Solvit know Wisconsin water.

Alliance is also very proud to bring you the Magnus product line.  Magnus is a national supplier of warewash, laundry, and cleaning chemicals.  Magnus products can be found at the largest restaurant and hotel chains throughout the USA.  The Magnus research and development team is always working tirelessly to improve existing products and develop new products that will clean and protect equipment and surfaces in your establishment.  It is a great feeling to have the backing of a national powerhouse like Magnus on your side.

We are working with customers and vendors every day to identify problems and adopt new technology and products that will allow us to increase the efficiency of your laundry, dish area and general kitchen cleaning processes. We will continue to devote our skilled resources as well as those of our fantastic suppliers to provide you with the best service in the industry.

Please check out the products we offer and if you are looking for a product that we do not show please call us or drop us an e-mail.  I am sure we can find a product that meets your needs.

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