CitraClean – General purpose spray and wipe degreaser and floor cleaner. Cuts through grease and oily residue. This is a very popular product as it leaves a hint of citrus freshness behind. Available in cases of 4/1 gallon bottles and 5 gallon pails.


Grid Iron – Heavy duty, thickened, foaming grease remover. One of the strongest grease cutters that you can use indoors. Great cling for use on vertical surfaces and the ability to remove tough baked on grease. Available in cases of 12/1 quart bottles.


Grease Clean HD – Heavy duty alkaline and solvent based degreaser for use on ovens, grills and vertical surfaces.  Cuts and dissolves even the toughest grease.  Available in cases of 6/1 qt bottles.


Scale Clean – Acid based non-foaming lime scale remover, fit for use in commercial dish washers and other areas with lime scale build-up.  Available in cases of 4/1 gallon.


Stainless Clean – Liquid oil based stainless metal cleaner and polish. Cleans, protects and brilliantly shines all metal type surfaces.  For non-food surfaces.  You will be amazed how this product protects from smudges, water stains and fingerprints.  Available in cases of 6/1 qt bottles.


Freezer Clean – Formulated specially for coolers and freezers, metal safe and low foaming.  Do not mix with water as this is a ready to use non-freezing product.  Available in cases of 2/1 gallon.


Grill Clean – This is a premium flat grill cleaner specifically formulated to clean hot grills.  Safe for use on food contact surfaces.  No rinse is required.  Available in cases of 12/16 oz bottles.


Natural Glass Cleaner – This specially formulated glass cleaner is 100% naturally derived from bio-renewable feedstock including plant, animal or marine sources. It will clean any non-porous surface streak-free with all natural ingredients.  Available in cases 4/1 gallon.


Toilet Bowl Cleaner – An effective high acid (23%) bowl cleaner designed with inhibitors to remove mineral deposits and soil encrustations without scrubbing.  Available in cases 12/32 oz.


Lemon Power – Powerful ready to use bleach cleaner / destainer with lemon clean scent.  Available in cases of 6/32 oz bottles.


Guardian – Neutral disinfectant cleaner.  Fresh and clean lemon scent.  Available in cases of 4/1 gallon.


Fresh Air Lavendar – Lavendar infused odor neutralizer that freshens any room with a pleasant fragrance.  Available in cases of 2/1 gallon.


Veggie Wash – Sold as Case of 4/1 gallon bottles.