Alliance Dish & Chemical provides cleaning products and services for your facility’s  kitchen, laundry and housekeeping.  Alliance understands great products are only part of the equation required for cleanliness and sanitation.  Achieving the results your patrons deserve also requires regular service.


Great Products + Great Service = Required Results


What makes Alliance different?

  • Your product does not show up at your location with your food order because it is delivered by the Alliance Sales/Service Representative.  Why would this be important to you?  When you get product delivered your equipment is checked over, adjustments and repairs are made, your staff’s questions are answered, additional training is provided, your machine is delimed if needed, and your inventory levels are managed.  When we say we perform regular preventive maintenance, we actually mean it.
  • Alliance representatives don’t carry briefcases, they carry tool bags because common component failures are fixed while the representative is on-site delivering your product and completing the preventive maintenance of your machine.  Alliance does not charge you for labor on most adjustments and repairs.  You pay for the part only, saving you hundreds of dollars per year.
  • Alliance representatives provide ongoing procedural training for your staff to maximize the efficiency of your warewash, housekeeping and laundry areas.
  • Alliance representatives understand the delicate balance between cash flow, storage space, and sufficient inventory.  Alliance representatives work with you to establish seasonal inventory levels.  Because Alliance is at your location on regular intervals your representative is able to deliver what you need until the next regular visit, eliminating running out of product and overstock of product.
  •  When necessary or requested Alliance representatives are always happy to delime your dishmachine.  Lime scale will drastically reduce the efficiency of your equipment leading to higher operational cost, unnecessary downtime and poor results.  Alliance representatives also provide ongoing training for your staff regarding procedures to delime your dishmachine.
  • Alliance utilizes dispensers with current technology so your dish areas not only look good but properly sanitize and accurately dispense product to keep your costs down.